How To Choose A Die Casting Company?

How To Choose A Die Casting Company?

When the world is still recovering after the COVID-19 crisis, most die casting companies have been running a full load to meet the transportation and construction industry’s high-end demands.

If your business relies on die casted products and parts, choosing a die casting company that meets your specific requirements is vital. This can make the difference between earning more profit or losing your existing clients in business.

Several factors are to be considered while selecting a precision die casting company for your business such as the time frame required, your budget, materials you use, etc.

The right manufacturer will influence everything- from your ability to get your designs delivered at the right time to the overall quality of the product.

What to look for in a die casting company?

Comparing several construction packages is essential as it will help determine the overall production rate and possible result of the end product. After furnishing all the details, the die casting company can prepare a set of rates, packages, and process details.

The packages can vary depending on the technology and other factors invested in production.

Following are some of the things that you should put into consideration while choosing a precision die casting company.

  1. Handling Capacity

It is ideal to choose a die casting company that can handle a wide range of volumes in the production cycle, from 600 to 25,000.

Choose a company that can improve the quality of your parts, such as plating, painting, powder coating, assembly, etc.

The company should be able to provide you with die-cast products based on your varying requirements in a time-bound manner.

Another essential thing to keep in mind while choosing a die casting provider is that the pricing structure should be entirely acceptable for your firm, and they should be able to work on a range of materials.

  1. Time considerations

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while choosing a provider. Letting your manufacturing business suffer due to delay in the production of die-cast parts is the last thing you want to happen. 

A standard die casting company should be able to provide you with die-cast parts in a short period. Ideally, the time frame should be less than four weeks.

Signing up with a firm that can produce your parts faster could help you generate more significant profit. Ask your chosen company for specific time frames from finalising the prototypes to coming up with the final part including surface finishing

Make sure that the quality of the parts does not suffer by any means.

  1. Material Consideration

A good die casting company will be well versed in handling a wide range of materials like aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, etc. It is advisable to choose a die casting company that operates on a variety of materials than one which handles only a limited number metals and alloys.

  1. Cost of die casting

Businesses often make the mistake of choosing a provider that charges less. From a financial perspective, it is an excellent decision to select a die-cast company that charges less as it helps to save money.

But it is also vital to consider the quality of the products. It has often been noted that die-cast companies offering to provide service at a cheaper rate produce products that are not good in quality.

A poorly designed part can cost you a lot of money in the long run. It will not come up to the expectations of your customers. The die-cast product should be fully impervious to several quality tests such as leak testing, porosity testing, etc.

It is also important to understand that there are various factors that affect the overall cost of a die casted product. Die cast tooling cost, choice of materials, complexity of design, etc play an important part in the overall budget estimate. 

An honest and open discussion with the provider will help you reach an acceptable cost for both parties.

  1. Communication

Often, casting specific intricate designs requires a good communication level between the designer and the die casting professional.

This is especially important if you are casting the design for the first time.

The designers need to convey their exact idea and requirement to have a high-quality mold that matches their unique specifications.

While choosing a die casting company, you need to ensure that an excellent communication level will be maintained with the casting professionals.

If there is a lack of adequate communication, choosing a die casting company won’t be worthwhile even though they offer service at a lesser price.

  1. Level of experience

Experience is an important factor that can not be missed out. Look out for your chosen company’s experience in producing parts specific to your industry. As for referrals and check their reviews and client ratings. 

The more experienced they are, the better they are expected to perform.

  1. Use of high-quality die-cast tooling.

One of the significant determinants of an excellent cast is the use of high-quality tooling. It is better to use companies that use both multi-sided and conventional tools.

A good die casting company will be equipped with dies that can withstand extreme amounts of heat and pressure and maintain the integrity of the component being manufactured.

  1. High-quality workforce

Design engineering is under constant change, and every day, newer designs are brought to life. Only a company that has a group of excellent design engineers can create the most effective designs.

At EKO industries, our design engineers work with the customers in ensuring that the chosen design will be highly successful in mass production.

Final Words

Choosing a die casting company for your business is not an easy task as several different factors have to be considered.

The die casting provider for one company might not be suitable for the other. In this article, we have mentioned some of the crucial factors to be considered while choosing a die casting company. Make sure that you choose the one that fits your budget without compromising the quality.

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