Choosing High Quality Die Cast Tooling

Choosing High Quality Die Cast Tooling

There are many manufacturing companies that are able to offer die casting services. Working with the right die casting company is important as this will influence the quality of your end product. 

Reliable die casting manufacturers are more likely to use high quality die cast tooling. Here’s how you can ensure that your die cast tooling is well made and capable of producing precision metal parts. 

Design for manufacturing (DFM)

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is an important part of producing high quality die cast tooling. With DFM, potential problems with the tool can be fixed before the tool is built. In DFM, weak spots of the tool can be spotted. 

Tooling can be improved simply by moving a parting line, changing the draft, creating inserts or modifying other features that will increase tool quality. 

Simple design modification can help to save time and effort in maintenance. This means tools can be run with minimal downtime and in turn, decrease production costs. 

Die cast tool design

Tool material should also be given consideration. The tool should be made to withstand a high number or high pressure shots without compromising the integrity of the part that is being manufactured. Heat treatment can help increase the longevity of the die cast tool.

The type of machine that runs the tool is also important. Depending on the machine that is being used, different steel types and hardness will be required. As such, the tool design should be crafted accordingly to ensure that it has a long service life. 

Tool maker experience

The longer a die casting company has been in business, the more experience they will have. Die casting companies that are unable to produce high quality die cast tooling at reasonable prices will not be able to sustain themselves for long. 

Companies with experience will be able to anticipate issues with tooling design. They will also know what modifications are required to prolong the service life of the tools. Since experienced companies have worked with hundreds of clients, their knowledge will make a difference in tool quality. 

Time considerations

Speed is always an issue when it comes to manufacturing. The faster the production is, the more goods or services can be delivered and thus, more profit is made. 

You will want a die casting company that will be able to deliver your order in a reasonable time frame without a drop in quality. High quality die cast tooling is important as it will help reduce production downtime. 

Lower quality tools may require replacement and more maintenance which will slow down production rates and reduce profits. 


While a good price is important, it’s also essential to balance the need for high quality parts with the need to save costs. Die cast tooling is not a place to shave off budget as it is an integral component for your project. 

A poorly designed, low quality tool will cost your much more in the long run. While you should try to get the best deal in terms of price, make sure that you are not trading tool quality when you are doing so. 

Have an open and honest discussion with your die casting company on tooling. Many times quotations that are made regarding die cast tooling may not include items like porosity testing and leak testing. 

As such, the total cost may not be reflected upfront. Knowing what to expect with regards to tooling cost will help you in choosing the best high quality die cast tooling for your project. 


Die casting is an expensive process that involves skilled, high level metalworking that is quite difficult to achieve. Communication with your die casting professional is important in order to produce high quality tools that can manufacture high quality parts. 

Let the company you engage know the exact requirements needed. Experienced companies will be able to advise you on tool design, steps to save money and where you should not skimp on budget to ensure a high quality, long service life tool. 

Be wary of die cast companies that are reluctant to communicate about their process and prices with you. It may be a sign for you to consider your options and look elsewhere. 


It is best to go with high quality tooling when it comes to precision die casting. This will not only ensure the production of high quality parts but also tool longevity. While the initial cost may be higher, well made tools will not have to be replaced midway through your project. 

Lower quality tools may push overall production costs higher as repairs, replacement and more maintenance are imminent. 

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