Multi Slide Die Casting Machine

Multi Slide Die Casting

The die casting industry is innovative and ever-changing – but tools and machines remain an integral part of any die casting process. 

Principally used for small zinc components, multi slide die casting employs four independent perpendicular slides to produce incredibly precise and intricate castings. In some instances, up to six slides can be added, which may be used at angles other than 90 degrees. Each of these slides carries a die block, crosshead and cover plate, and within each die block, there is one or more mold cavities and/or core on its face. This enables the molten metal to be directly injected, ultimately reducing scrap and speeding up cycle time. 

Designed for high performance and flexibility, a controller is also used to control the motion of each slide so that they can move independently both during the closing and opening sequences.

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    Multi Slide Die Casting vs. Conventional Die Casting

    The most notable difference between the two is the build and operation of the tools and machines. The conventional hot-chamber die casting utilizes a two-part tool – one moving and one fixed – which makes it great for large components and those requiring a plating quality finish. With four to six perpendicular slides, multi slide die casting is apt for producing small, complex parts.
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Multi Slide Die Casting

    How Fast is the Multi Slide Die Casting Process?

    Equipped with supreme mechanical structure, multi slide die casting machines operate at up to 75 cycles per minute speed, equating to approximately 4500 shots per hour. This means that the machine can deliver more than 10,000 dimensionally accurate parts per hour.  

    What Are the Tolerances in Multi Slide Die Casting?

    With the ability to produce precision parts with +/-0/02mm tolerances, multi slide die casting is almost unmatched when it comes to producing custom precision components that require tighter tolerances. In addition, design parts can also be tweaked, and lenient tolerance zones enable optimized production.

    What Are the Benefits of Multi Slide Die Casting?

    Multi slide die casting is a groundbreaking solution for many reasons. Some of its benefits include:

    • High-quality and consistent part quality
    • Eliminates or reduces the need for secondary operations
    • Lower tooling costs
    • A broad range of applications
    • Effective and efficient production rates
    • Excellent dimensional accuracy