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Custom Cabinet Enclosures Assembly Services

EKO Industries provides a range of custom sheet metal fabrication services and equipment to meet our customers’ needs worldwide. Sheet metal fabrication involves the forming, cutting, and joining of sheet metal for a variety of industrial applications. We offer custom cabinet enclosures assembly services to manufacture and assemble cabinets and enclosures custom-built to fit customers’ requirements. Find out more about our custom sheet metal fabrication services today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Cabinet Enclosures Assembly Services

    Sheet metal fabrication is a flexible process that can be applied across almost all industries. For our cabinet and enclosures manufacturing and assembly, cold-rolled steel is typically used which employs the roll pressing technique at a lower room temperature. Cold-rolled steel results in a smooth surface, with thickness limited to 3mm – this makes it ideal for cabinets, enclosures, lockers, and other furniture.

    Custom cabinet enclosures are typically used to protect and maintain your equipment from environmental factors in an industrial setting. Our custom sheet metal fabrication process takes into account factors including materials, insulation, and thermal requirements to help craft a product that suits your specific needs. This helps to extend the lifespan of your equipment and ensures greater accuracy and precision in your measurements. Get in touch with us to find out about how our EKO Industries cabinet enclosures can be customised.

    A Design for manufacturing (DFM) outlook can be employed to ensure your cabinet enclosures are built to suit your needs, with expert input from your engineers. Adopting DFM helps to determine the availability, quality, and functionality of a product to ensure you are receiving the best fit for your specific situation. Find out how you can employ DFM in your processes in our blog post. We work with your engineers to meet their specifications and maximise the safety, reliability, and durability of your custom cabinet enclosures. EKO Industries also offers value-added services including assembly services and product finishings to enhance the final product.