Custom Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication has a variety of applications across almost all industrial sectors. The design possibilities of sheet metal fabrication are almost infinite, allowing a wide range of products to be produced. With a combination of manual and automated machines and processes used to cut, bend, form parts, or assemble metal sheets, custom sheet metal fabrication turns your ideas into reality.


Today more and more manufacturing technology expects are valuing the flexibility, versatility, and cost efficiency of laser cutting technology including in the automotive industry. Due to its flexibility, this cutting procedure is often used for small lot sizes, large variant ranges, and in the early design stage or prototype construction of automotives

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    Custom Auto Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Alongside the variety of materials used in the vehicle body, the increasing trend toward electric vehicles represents a key field with many new applications. Laser cut machines ensure cutting accuracy during custom sheet metal fabrication to improve the visual aesthetics and safety of the car. Traditional processing technology is inefficient and less accurate, while metal laser cutting can be processed in a batch with high precision and efficiency. These are key reasons why laser cutting machines are the top cutting tool used in the automotive industry today.

    Die casting is often used for auto parts made from lightweight magnesium or aluminum, which are suitable for the die casting process. Die cast auto parts can have high dimensional accuracy, as well as multiple finishing techniques to suit the end product. Read more on die casting in the automotive industry in our blog post.

    In contrast, custom sheet metal fabrication is more suited for producing thicker and more durable automotive parts using techniques and materials including hot rolled steel and cold-rolled steel. Both sheet metal fabrication and die casting are suitable for producing different automotive parts depending on the needs of the customer, and both techniques work best when used in tandem to achieve different goals.

    Sheet metal fabrication typically utilises special tools for the cutting, forming, and joining processes respectively to ensure precise cuts depending on the customer’s needs. EKO Industries is a sheet metal company that is fully equipped for a range of custom sheet metal fabrication services. Find out more about the necessary equipment for sheet metal fabrication in our blog or reach out to us for a quote.