Vision And Mission

Our Company Timeline

The Vision and Mission of the Company were both drafted based on a management staff communication session held through a brainstorming approach and interactive two-way discussion among the managers to finally arrive at a consensus.

The management group felt that it is good to keep the statements crisp and precise while delivering the right intended message on the company’s desired objectives.

Our Vision

To be BIC (best-in-class) Supplier of choice in our core business segments and its related value-added services.

Our Mission

To stay ahead of the competition through the development of a superior value-chain in the provision of consistent quality products and services at competitive pricing.

EKO's People


The management fully recognizes the importance of a code of ethics to be established as a policy and guideline for all employees to follow and adhere to in order to maintain the goodwill and reputation of the company. To this effect, the following highlights represent some of the key policies in maintaining a high level of ethics within the company:

All relevant employees are also required to respect and treat our customer’s proprietary information with full confidentiality and will be supportive of any NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) as and when required during the course of mutual business communication and discussions.
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